New Special Mix: Parallaxed

This is a mix I made consisting of a lot of older stuff that I played in the early years of my dj career, as well as some newer music that I felt went well together. Definitely a change from the sets I’ve been doing recently. Kind of going back to the root of things. Enjoy!

Recorded 11.30.2012


1. Whitey : Saturday Night Ate Our Lives (Original Mix)
2. Stereo : Somewhere In The Night
3. Poesie Noire : Gioconda Smile (Pity For The Self Version)
4. Parallels : Dry Blood (Demo Version)
5. Nightmoves : Trans-Dance (Robot Rock)
6. Chris & Cosey : Gardens Of The Pure (Secret Mixes Fixes Edit)
7. Severed Heads : Nation
8. Depeche Mode : Leave In Silence
9. Kontravoid : Native State (Remix)
10. Sharpe & Numan : Change Your Mind (Extended Version)
11. New Order : Vanishing Point
12. EchoDroides : Neutrino (Unreleased Demo)
13. Moev : Crucify Me (GM Edit Extended)
14. DMX Krew : The Game (Dance Mix)
15. Nyam Nyam : Fate/Hate
16. Clan Of Xymox : Medusa (Peel Session Dirty Rotten Edit)
17. Kirlian Camera : Communicate
18. The Names : Nightshift